Josh Groban and Denee Benton photographed by James Weber for TImeOut New York

Josh Groban and Denee Benton photographed by James Weber for TImeOut New York



Social Media Campaigns:

In today's world, everything is going mobile, motion, younger, faster.  We are here to help you execute on ideas to freshen up your brand and keep your social media platforms current and relevant to your customers.  From still photography to full motion packages, to moving still images(Cinemagraphs), we can give your social media campaigns an edge.

Still Photography ( Fashion, Beauty, Still Life, Portraiture):

Still photography is a vital component of staying relevant and is the quickest turnaround for your needs.  .  

Motion ( Cinematography and Full Film Production Services ): 

Moving pictures...movies, short films, and :30 spots that can energize your customer base are essential in today's world.  The best social media numbers come from motion spots that are used on Social Media.  They get more views and interactions than any other creative content.  Let us help you build a campaign that your audiences will love.  


Whether you need casting as an add on or as your only need, we offer the service to have a studio casting with still imagery of the casting.  Video castings are also available. 


We offer full production services to Cast, Shoot, and retouch the images so they are just right before you upload them to your websites or social media platforms.  Every Brand in the world that lives in Fashion, beauty, or sells their products online will benefit from this service.  It's vital to keep your websites up to date with current product.